Grandkids and Kleenex

Last night as we’re watching TV downstairs, Shirley asks me to pass her a Kleenex.

Quite a normal request and there is normally one or two Kleenex boxes on the tables where we sit in the basement. We look around and there are none to be found. Not a problem, Shirley gets another box from the storage area and we don’t give it another thought. Later I remember that when the family was over on Sunday, there was some talk about kleenexes by one of the grandkids but things sounded “OK”.

On Sunday, all 4 grandsons were over for a family brunch. Nowadays when this happens and all 4 of them get together they make a beeline to the basement to play. Usually, with Lego or the Snapcircuit or just inventing games and making “forts”. The adults hang around upstairs and as long as there is no serious screaming or crying the grandkids are left unsupervised. This might not be the best plan.

This morning I’m in the downstairs office and just finishing up some reading etc. and as I’m getting out of my chair I see this in the corner of the office behind my chair.

Kleenex box in the corner

I think this is a little odd and as I pick it up to put it back in a more normal location I notice that quite a few have been pulled out and then stuffed back in the box. Hmmmm. Next on my agenda is to ride my bike on the trainer and as I’m getting ready I notice something unusual under the sofa.

White stuff under the sofa?

This needs further investigation so I flip up the sofa and…

Apparently more that one box of Kleenex was involved in their little bit of mischief! I’m thinking that at one point there where kleenexes everywhere, but before any adults came downstairs they were all gathered up an “hidden” under the sofa! Apparently, somebody knew that this might not be the best thing to do! Well, I hope they had fun, after all it was only a $2.00 box of Kleenex and I did rescue some of it.

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