In addition to this blog I have a presence on several other online services for some of my various interests.



The bulk of my online photography is over on Flickr. For the family,  there are a couple of special albums that are dedicated to the grandkids.

Other album collections are here, and the full photo stream is here.


As I get more into video editing I’ve put a few things up on my YouTube Channel. (Doesn’t everyone have their own channel? 😉 )

Social Media

I’m most active on Instagram, occasionally on Twitter and rarely on Facebook (but I do keep a bit of an eye on my feed from time to time 🙂 )


All things cycling live on Strava You’ll have to a Strava account and follow me to see my stuff. Seems I’ve cranked on the privacy controls.

Zwift is my current fav for indoor workouts and training. Again you’ll need to be a Zwift user to connect with me on that platform.

An up and comer for me is Xert, a Canadian company (woohoo!) that has some serious smarts into creating and managing training on the bike.

I’ve also been know to use TrainerRoad and The Sufferfest. In fact I’ll be doing the Tour de Sufferlandria starting February 15, 2020 to 9 fun filled days.