Seen on the side of the road

Weather Vane
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The things you can see on the side of the road can be truly amazing. This for instance is a functioning weather vane, it’s actually balanced and spins in the breeze.

I spotted this on Hwy 3 on the way back from St-Leon where I was checking out the wind turbine farm. Announced in 2004 there are 63 of these producing 99MW. These wind turbines are quite big and scattered all over the place. I’d really anticipated that they would be much more tightly grouped. For more technical details you can check on the specs or some overview material on the whole project.

On the trip there and back I did some geocaching and as always got to see some of the country side that I’d normally drive right on by. It was a hot day so the air conditioned drive between stops was much appreciated. I took in some sights in Carmen, St-Leon, Sumerset, Roseisle, Notre Dame de Lourdes and a historic church in Cardinal. I’m not sure if it was the heat or just the laid back country life but almost everything was closed and I saw very few people outside. Some of the towns almost seemed like ghost towns.

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