Coffee in the Kayak

Every kind of vehicle has cup holders these days, even our new Necky Looksha V kayak!

Kayak Cockpit
Cup Holder
Originally uploaded by Big Dadoo

Normally I’m up early at the lake and having a cup of coffee on the dock and doing a little reading and enjoying the early part of the day. But today, I took my coffee in the kayak and utilized the cup holder build into the seat as I went for the first paddle around our bay. Down at the bottom of the bay I spotted a turtle sunning on a log and had a close encounter with a mother duck and 5 ducklings. It was very nice and peaceful. The kayak is great, easy to paddle and it’s such a great colour.

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  1. You need to take a waterproof camera with you on your trips, dude!

    I’ve only managed to get out on our sit-on-top kayaks twice this summer. Ridiculous when you consider we are living at the lake.

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