Day 2 – Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

The day in pictures, sort of.

Pick up a Persian.

Checked out the view from a lookout tower.

Just a few flights up to the top.

Saw a lighthouse.

On shore lighthouse at a Terrace Bay gas station stop.

A sunny drive until around noon.

Then it clouded over and snowed pretty steady into Sault Ste. Marie.

Out the window

Saw some geese.

Another Wawa Goose
Wawa Goose

Checked in at the hotel (nice) and went to a recommended Indian resturaunt (terrible and for sure not worth a picture).

Back to the hotel for some dessert and beverages.

Mellow now. 🍰🍷😎

Day 1: Home to Thunder Bay

On the road by about 9:39am. A bit of a surprise start as we’re driving in a bit of a snow squall off and on all the way to Kenora. Pretty uneventful drive except for a couple of deer running across the road, thankfully I spotted them well in advance and just slowed a bit to let them across.

After Dryden the road is new to us. It’s a pretty drive but not too much happening between there and Thunder Bay. We make the typical stops for gas and washroom breaks and one stop to take a photo of a giant metal sculpture of a mosquito carrying away a man in Upsala. ( Photo later, it’s on the SLR)

Highlight of sightseeing was Kakabeka Falls

Very pretty with the ice and snow surrounding the falls. Reputed to be the 2nd highest falls in Ontario after Niagara.

Another 30 km and we’re in Thunder Bay at our hotel around 8pm EST. Dinner at a Greek place and we’re done for the day.

Weekend with Grandkids

We had Easton and Clark for the weekend, which was a lot of fun. Part of the weekend was a “guys” trip to Fort Whyte Alive for some outdoor activities on a very warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.

I was interested in the geese, but the boys were way more interested in the ice, water puddles and sticks.

Trying to break through
Trying to break through the ice
Always need to have a stick when you’re out on a walk.

The geese were quite accommodating to a photo or two and allowed some quite close approaches before flying off all the while honking loudly at this guy who was disturbing them.

Take Off eh?
The Canada Geese are back in town.

Archery Progress

Well, lessons and practice are starting to pay off.

Level 2 lessons finish up this Tuesday and I think I’ve made some good progress since November 2018. Today I shot three solid rounds including a 246 personal best.

My shot process is improving in consistency and execution thanks to John Dudly and The Scool of Nock. Can’t say enough good things about Nockontv, the Nockon podcast and all the other great archery resources produced by Mr. Dudly.

These videos etc put me on to the Silverback release aid.

This release aid is really helping with my shot execution, after a fairly serious learning curve, but it’s paying off now!

Having fun with the new sport!

Strength and Rage

Strength is the ability to maintain a hold of oneself. It’s being the person who never gets mad, who cannot be rattled, because they are in control of their passions—rather than controlled by their passions.

Paper Maps – Pleasure and Purpose

Recently, a friend gave me several paper maps of one of my favorite places, Lake of the Woods.

Nice waterproof maps for LOTW

I find something quite pleasurable and almost magical about looking at paper maps and wondering what it would be like to explore over here or over there and how would I get there. Plus there is a fascination with the markings, symbols, legends and colours. I find paper maps a pleasure to look at and explore.

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Time flies

Though the time may feel long, the days are short till He comes to take us home, to be forever with Him. Our house is almost ready, and the bridegroom’s return is getting closer by the day.