Afternoon on The Lake

Devil's Gap

We’re making the most of this awesome fall weather and taking Friday off and hanging out at The Lake. We got away a little late on Thursday night and arrived Friday morning at 2:30 a.m. so this required some mandatory sleeping in. Up at about 10:30 and after a couple of cups of coffee and a nice breakfast, we head out on the lake.

Seagull Frenzy

The skies are clear and it’s near calm, in other words a perfect day for boating. We wander around the neighborhood heading in the general direction of Kenora checking out the fall colours, and some very nice cottages. Once we arrive in Kenora, breakfast has worn off and the Chip Truck is calling. We share some fries with each other and some hungry locals and then do some window shopping. Well, Shirley does the window shopping while I make some photographs of the new “Harbourdome”.

Back on the boat for a cruise up Safety Bay and then it’s time to turn homeward. But on the way there is a quick stop at the boat up Starbucks (Safeway) for a couple of lattes and then we’re booking it for home. Along the way we see five eagles together flying around one of the island. The water is calm and the Merc is running steady with a reassuring steady drone. The fall colours are outstanding and I’m feeling very peaceful. I could cruise on for hours, but before we know it, we’re at the dock. A great afternoon on the lake.

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