Rullu pylsa, or Rúllupylsa

The annual (sort of) tradition of making Rullu Pylsa is living on this year with a bit of a first ever twist.

In late November we called Thor’s Meats in Selkirk, our normal supplier of boned lamb flank, and were told it was unavailable and we should have called in September to secure this hard to come by cut of meat. This was a little disappointing, which led to some  googling which led to some “other” recipes where they used beef flank. So, that’s what we did this year, same recipe, different cut of meat. It will be interesting to find out how it tastes! So different, beef vs. lamb, lean vs. quite fatty, but we got them done and are now in the 5 day marinating period. Here is the prep stage.

I started with 3 beef flanks and managed to split two in half to make a thiner layer for rolling. The third flank had “issues” so its in the original thickness and resulted in a much fatter roll. End result, 5 Rulla Pylsa for Christmas.

The “official” recipe from my mom.

If all this is too complicated, time consuming etc. there is a Canadian made option! Order it from, and while your there get a Vinaterta too! My wonderful sister made me a Vinarterta and shipped it from Saskatoon for my birthday, yum!

On a more tech/blog note I was looking at the site stats recently and while the site traffic is very low, the most popular post ever is Rullupylsa in the Raw and visits peak in December, prime time to make your Rule Pylsa. Happy cooking!


So I have a new favorite music source. Our TV package has a steaming music service, Stingray music. It also has a mobile app to allow streaming to my iPhone. Couple that with Bluetooth streaming to the car stereo and it’s pretty sweet.

Yesterday I’m listening to my favorite channel Classic 80s Rock while running some errands. Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven comes on, great song. Then, the very next song was AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.


The path is narrow, a stairway vs a highway .  (Mt  7:13)

Going Old School

My first stereo system component was a Harman Kardon Rabco ST-7. This is a very sweet linear tracking turntable and for several months it just sat on a shelf as I admired my 1st purchase. At that point I had nothing to hook it up to!

Well after a couple of decades in retirement, it’s back in service. The main driver for this revival was a gift of Hillsongs Zion on vinyl from Scott and Mandy on my birthday. It hooked effortlessly into my current audio system, and even had a space waiting for it on the shelf.


However, halfway through the first song, things came to a screeching halt, quite literally. The tone arm mechanism was not tracking properly and trailed the arm is such a way that it pinned it down to the record. Not good.

Well, after 20+ years of just sitting around, I guess a little maintenance work is to be expected. The ST-7 is notoriously finicky to get set up correctly, but once you’ve got it, its a thing of beauty. After removing the back cover plate it became clear that there was a lot of buildup and “gunk” on the tracking shaft which is instrumental in keeping the arm moving properly across the record. After cleaning that I my attention turned to the small tracking roller that rides on the tracking shaft roller tube. It had similar looking gunk on it. Armed with a Q-tip and alcohol (for cleaning purposes on the Q-tip) I started to clean the roller. A short time into that process and I started to wonder if this was normal, and what is this gunky stuff.

Google to the rescue. It turns out this “gunk” is what’s left of the silicone ring that is fitted onto the roller. For the ST-7 this is a well known maintenance issue, and from all the descriptions I could locate on the web, very challenging to get the roller out. Once out you can replace the silicone ring with a fairly standard plumbing o-ring from Home Depot. The challenge is getting the roller out and back in without breaking anything or doing a full and complex disassembly. The roller is in a plastic U shaped holder, with very limited access. Apparently surgical tools and surgical skills are a asset in doing this repair.

Perhaps some more disassembly will assist in getting this thing out. Next thing you know my ST-7 looks like this, stripped of all it’s aluminium finery.


The roller that I need to replace is in here, behind that metal plate with the screw sticking out (Tracking adjuster), cradled in that light grey plastic piece that you can hardly see.

After quite some time and some careful exploration, the roller is out!


Apparently, the roller is not symmetrical, some 0.20 mm wider on one end than the other so I get a measure to ensure it goes back in the right way. That brown stuff is like a gummy bear that has melted down and wrapped itself around the roller. Cleaning it up and putting the new o-ring on is easy. Another hour to get the roller back into it’s holder.

After a few re-assembly goofs, it’s all back together and running. I probably spent another 1-2 hours adjusting the tracking while enjoying some resurrected albums from the storage areas that we’re saved from my collecting days.

I’m sure there will be a little more vinyl in my listening future.

Get Dog the Bounty hunter on this

Since when did they start offering rewards?

Group launches strategy to block Conficker worm from .ca domain

CIRA said Tuesday that it is taking a number of steps to stop the Conficker worm, also known as the Downandup worm, from using the .ca domain to perform malicious actions on behalf of those who control it.

The worm has been spreading through the internet since the fall, and a group of internet groups and businesses led by Microsoft has offered a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

New Years Eve

Originally uploaded by Big Dadoo

Happy New Years to one and all.

Last night we spent the evening with good friends over dinner and conversation with a little outing to the Forks to take in the fireworks. Even though it was not all that cold at -15° the walk back to the car was a little brutal in the light wind. We’d planned to play some games but after reviewing each other’s vacation pictures and watching the New Year festivities for a few minutes at midnight, it was suddenly 1:30am and we called it a night. Perhaps another evening for games.

This morning we’re easing into the day with a few coffees and brushing up on our Canasta skills for a card game tonight. Brushing up might be an over statement. The last time I played was at the lake as a kid and it will be a first for Shirley. Thanks to and a little online playing we won’t be total rookies (I hope).

Time to dust off a few inches of snow from the truck and head out for a little breakfast adventure.

TSO in Winnipeg

TSO – Stage
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We saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Winnipeg last night and it was a great show. Similar, but with some different twists that the first time we saw them last year at the Alerus Center in Fargo.

This was the best picture I was able to capture. Between the ushers telling people not to take pictures and somebody poking me it was hard to get the camera up to take a decent shot. Anyway, photos hardly tell the story, you need to experience the sound, light, laser and pyrotechnics that is the TSO.

Going to the TSO Show

You’ve probably seen this or heard of this Internet video phenomenon.

The thing I didn’t know when I first saw it a couple of years ago, was that the music is TSO and they ROCK!  After seeing them live last year in Fargo, I’m hooked and we’re going to the Winnipeg show on Nov. 3rd.

Well this year TSO has issues a challenge to top the above video. Check out the contest and some of the other outdoor lighting extravaganzas set to TSO music.