Coffee Mugs through the Years

Over my working career I’ve had a lot of coffee mugs. some came and went, some hung around, some were collected. The collection ends up in a a box , stored away for who knows what. I still buy more and more coffee mugs from trips like to Maui, Frank Lloyd Wright, Route 66, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, all my current favourites.

So, what to do with the excess? Well, it was give away time! But, before they got donated away, they had their photos taken for posterity. The above photo is mainly my work collection showing the Sperry, Unisys (after the Burroughs takeover of Sperry) and IBM in the e-business days and beyond as well as some software products I was involved with like Sperrylink (early office automation), Mapper & Linc (4GL languages), Lotus Notes & Domino (best software ever and one of the reasons I moved to IBM as they bought the Lotus Corporation ). Somewhere I have some Great-West Life (now part of the new Canada Life) coffee mugs but they didn’t make the photo shoot. Days gone by, all just a photo memory now.

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