Day 16: Eau Clair to Home

Today it’s all about getting home. On every trip there comes that time when you’re done and you just want to be home and this is that day.

After a little breakfast at the hotel and loading up at a near by Starbucks we hit the interstate for the run to home. Just after we get on the interstate Shirley realized that she doesn’t have her phone. We’re not too far from the hotel but it’s quite a distance before we can exit and turnaround. After recovering the phone which was somehow hidden in the bed we’re on our way again.

Not to much to report on the drive as we skirt Minneaplolis and get to Fargo for the required Costco stop and some food and gas.

It’s spring time and there is some talk of flooding as always. It doesn’t seem too bad as we start noticing a lot of water in the ditch. Then there is more water but only a short stretch where the road narrows to one lane.

Customs at the border is a breeze as we have all our paperwork lined up and after a few basic questions were back in Canada and only 1 hour from home.

It’s a late night but we’re glad to be back in our own bed. A great trip but as they say, there is no place like home.

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