Frank Lloyd Wright Road Trip – Day 6

Not too much to report here on Day 6 as this one of the bigger pure driving days of the trip.

As we leave Racine at about 9am we’ve been on the road for 1583.6 km.


Tonight, after 9 hour of driving plus stops, lunch etc.  we’ll be in Belle Vernon, PA about an hour from Fallingwater, the far point of our road trip.

One interesting thing is the number of tolls between here and there. The route we took was 1hr shorter that the toll-free route, but the tolls added up to over $80 (USD)!

Fallingwater and Polymath Park are the two tours for tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing the iconic and world famous Fallingwater in person.

When it’s all said and done we’ll have driven 5,200km over 9 days.

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