Swim platform

One of the challenges of the fluctuating  water levels on Lake of the Woods is how far below the top of a fixed dock the water level can be. This makes diving off the dock or getting into the boat a little difficult. 

Many years ago Gord resolved this issue by building what has become known as the “swim platform”. A few feet below the top of the dock this little platform makes a nice spot to dangle your feet in the water, access the boat or dive in. 

Of course when water levels are high the platform is under water. Over the years this in and out of the water has taken its toll. Last weekend, two people on the platform got a surprise as it collapsed and dumped them into the quite chilly early summer temperature (12°C) lake. 

This weekend’s maintenance activity is the replacement of the much loved swim platform. This time with pressure treated wood and some beefed up construction. 

Saturday was opening up the deck, removing the remains of the old platform and designing the new replacement. After sizing things up its time for a run to the lumber yard. Late afternoon rain brings a halt to the project. Most likely to get it completed tomorrow. 

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