Late Season FOG ride

There are not likely to be too many more FOG rides this year as snow is likely just around the corner but this morning the weather was cooperative and 5 of us did the full standard FOG route. We started with 6 but someone bailed early, some thing about a ‘cross race tomorrow.
I was up in plenty of time to get organized and ride over to the Legion for the 9am start but as I leave the driveway I hear “squeak, squeak, squeak”, it’s the new booties rubbing the crank arm. Do I want to listen to that for the next 4+ hrs? Nope, back to the garage to adjust my cleats. Good thing I went back because I’d left the water bottles on the counter. All this extra messing around and now it’s not a leisurely ride to the Legion, but more of the time trial pace to make sure I’m there at 9.

Anyway a good ride as always, a little cool but the intermittent sunshine made you think it was a bit warmer that it actually was.

Hope the Strava guys have fixed their stuff and the route picture shows up now.

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