Muddy Waters Rides Again

On Sunday August 11th I rode in the Muddy Waters event to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and of course to get in the annual 100 mile ride into the log book. It was a great day with a 7am start for the 100 mile & 100 km group. The roll out was quite civilized as was the first 60 km with a typical pace of approximately 35 km/h. It was quite foggy that morning and while riding along River Road it was quite beautiful to see fishing boats just floating in the fog on the river.

After the first 60km, things started to get interesting. Just as we’re swinging out onto Main St. at the Perimeter, the pace is picking up. A large number of riders with Woodcock jerseys are forming up at the front and all of a sudden we’re flying along at 47.5 km/h. As riders pull off the front I work my way up the pace line and take a short, but exhausting pull and begin to drift back to the end of the line, wondering if I’ll be able to get back on and how long I can keep this kind of pace. Well, I didn’t have to worry about that for very long as the bike started to feel funny and that tell-tale sensation was a front flat. Now I’m on the side of the road, it’s a little wet, the wheel is dirty and I begin the change. Several groups go by and everyone asks if I’m “OK” and as I respond “Yes”, they power on down the road.

I eventually I locate the culprit, a small bit of steel wire embedded dead centre on the tread and I struggle to get it pulled out. So all in all it was a very slow tube change (10 min.). Two riders did stop and wait for me to finish the change and we rode together for a bit but I wanted to push on and see if I could catch a faster group. But, that we not to be as I spent the next 100 km riding alone, catching and passing a few riders, but generally a solo finish.

So in the end my time was quite a bit longer that I was shooting for but the fund raising did exceed last years, and it was a great day of riding. Looking forward to next years adventure.

Here are the stats for the 2013 ride.

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