A Year of Cycling

Exactly one year ago today I voluntarily gave up my vehicle and committed to a year of cycle commuting to work and living as a single car family.

The Honda Ridgeline was coming off lease and I just decided not to replace it. This saved quite a bit of money not keeping a 2nd vehicle on the road considering insurance, gas, and downtown parking not to mention the cost of the vehicle.

The downside is I miss my truck and every time I see a Ridgeline on the road I think whistfully about the one I had for four years. The up side is probably the great cycling conditioning I get with a mandatory twice daily 30-40 minute workout. With just cycle commuting I’ve logged over 4,000km in the year.

Despite today’s -22°C temperature, winter is winding down and the riding is easier with less snow on the route. I’m looking forward to the mornings where you can just throw on a jersey and pair if shorts and go.

Is there a vehicle in my future? We’ll see. Is there more cycling? For sure!

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