Smoke on the Water

Portable gas water pump being fired up.

Some big excitement at the lake this afternoon, the neighbour’s boat house across the road from us caught fire!

Chopping a hole in the deck.

I walked down to the end of our driveway and noticed a girl standing at the end of our neighbour’s driveway, and didn’t think anything of it until a fire truck roared up the road, and she waved them into the driveway. With in minutes there was also a helicopter overhead checking out the situation and an OPP cruiser pulled in right after the fire trucks.

It turns out that she was canoeing in the bay and noticed some “unusual” smoke by the boat house and paddled over for a closer look. The place was on fire and they went next door to another neighbour and called the fire department. The volunteer fire department arrived in 15 minutes, by then the boat house owner had their own fire hoses in play battling the fire. For most of the afternoon the firemen poured water on the structure and investigated all the walls and between the floors. The top floor was filled with thick smoke. Thankfully, nobody was injured and the fire didn’t spread to the forest or other buildings.

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