On the road – Day 1

It’s been a while since I’ve been in Toronto on business but this afternoon I flew in for four days of education with Agfa for a project I’m working on with two other team members.  The flight down on Westjet was uneventful except for the guy in the middle seat who thought he owned the armrest and couldn’t figure out why the TV control buttons were not doing anything for his screen, while mine was flipping channels like a bandit. He even tried it twice, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him what was wrong. Guys that technically challenged probably shouldn’t watch any more TV. I slept off and on and listened to a couple of podcasts to pass the time.

After a long wait in a taxi line and a short ride we’re at the hotel. We’re staying at the Radisson Airport and the rooms are quite nice and we hit the local Kelsey’s for dinner. Over dinner I got to know my team mates a little better as they are both new on the project and work on different areas that I do. Now I’m back in the room watching a little TV, without any help from my seat mate! It’s warmer that Winnipeg at +4, but raining. No matter, we’re stuck at the hotel without a car, so It will most likely be work and sleep for most of the week.

Radisson’s have sleep number beds, so I’ll get to check it out for a few days. Since we’re looking at a new bed for home and I know somebody who can get me a great deal on a bed!

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