That’s right, snow in Salt Lake City – Sept. 16th

Today is the last day of the USANA 2006 International Convention and we woke up to a light dusting of snow! Last Wednesday after the sessions I was laying around the pool at the hotel and it was about 29C, clear and sunny.

I attended the Denis Waitley breakout session this morning and it was excellent, very motivational and I think I’ve captured several good ideas that I’ll put into practice. This is the challenge with most things is doing what you’ve heard and know is good to do.

1 thought on “That’s right, snow in Salt Lake City – Sept. 16th

  1. Donny & Wayne Wyke says:

    Thanks for the convention updates. The photos were fantastic. Looks like our upline & crossline friends had a wonderful time. We really appreciate being in the know about the newest tools & products that were announced via the blog.

    Can’t wait until summer when we can join our Manitoba team at the next USANA convention.

    Great photos! Thanks again.

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