USANA Convention: Day 2

We’re at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City and Shirley and Debbie are standing outside just before the doors open for the 9:00am start. The day was wonderful and we started at 7am with a prayer meeting where over 500 associates came out. The sessions in the Delta Center were awesome and the presentations and presenters were excellent. The company introduced several new sales aids that were outstanding.

My day was a little conflicted as I spent a lot of time out of the meeting taking and making calls about the van’s transmission. Even with all the frustration over that situation, which I’ll cover in another post, the messages were still received loud and clear. USANA is a great company, this is an incredible business opportunity and we’re doing the right thing by being involved with this amazing team. We’re feeling the love.

Nine more pictures in the set, including Debbie on stage!

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