I feel the need, the need for speed.


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I’ve always like that line from Top Gun.

This weekend we put an new addition on the cottage, a little antenna. The little antenna connects us to a big tower just down the road. Thankfully, we can’t see this big tower as it’s a bit on an eye sore, so out of place at the lake, just like so many other cell phone towers plunked around the world. But, here we are supporting this kind of thing. Anyway, this big tower connects us to somewhere in Kenora which in turn connects us onto the Internet.

Lets face it, once you become accustomed to high speed Internet access there is no going back to dial-up, well only under extreme duress.

The verdict is still out as to if this was such a good idea. It has it’s pluses. I uploaded some large photo files to Flickr, checked on the Shuttle launch and plan to watch the Sunday attempt. I can work from the lake. Hmm, is that good or bad? There is the temptation to while away hours online instead of disconnecting and enjoying being un-plugged. Oh well, time will tell.

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  1. Denis "the instigator" says:

    Well now you need a media server on your home network that you can connect to from the lake … which means you’ll need a lake theatre system … and outdoor speakers.

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