The Septic Field Saga – Part 2

It’s August 2014 now and the problem is back. Apparently the previous years fix was just temporary and now we really need to dig into it, literally, in to it, all of it. “It” is the stuff inside the pipes in the field.

Fully clogged – A section of pipe at the far end of the field

There are 4 pipes going out across the field. It’s decided that we could replace 2 while running the operation on the remaining 2, so the digging begins. Step 1 is to remove the walkway which covers the far end of the field. After doing this and digging part of 1 pipe, the weekend is over.

The first two pipes are fully uncovered.

On he next weekend Len & Darlene are with us and Len is a good sport and a great help as we uncover the two pipes.

Full House – Just about clogged solid.

Here is another example of the extent of the pipe clogging. Within 2-3 feet of the head of the pipe the clogging is about 75% going up rapidly to virtually 100% blocked.

The following weekend I splice in two new pipes and cover them over.

Garry splicing in the new pipes.

That’s a wrap for 2014 and we’ll get to the other two in 2015, preferably with some digging help.




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