Day 5: Toronto & Aga Kahn

First full day in Toronto and we spend all morning sitting around drinking coffee and talking with my cousin Leslie. We’re really enjoying being in a home and home cooking, thanks Les!

By late in the morning we’re beginning to think we should do something before the day totally slips away after all we’re tourists in the big city now. Now we don’t know the Aga Khan but Les suggests seeing the Aga Khan Museum, which is close by, so we spend a better part of the afternoon there on a tour and looking around on our own.

The museum had a special exhibition on The Moon which included this huge and highly detailed replica of the moon suspended high over one of the galleries.

I’ve got the whole moon in my hand, I’ve got the whole….

The building architecture was very impressive and the museum artifacts were also very interesting. As with most art/cultural spaces there is a donor wall where they acknowledge people and companies who have given money to support the Museum. As is typical, the donors are grouped into dollar amount categories, and the categories went to quite a large amount range. However, one amount range was still looking for it’s first donor, the $25+ million. Talk about calling it in!

Back at the house for some beverages, more home cooking and more discussions rounded out the day.

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