Day 4: Perry Sound to Toronto

Like the previous days before leaving town we have a look around for a few hours to quickly take in some of the local sights.

Water is always a big attraction for me so off to the waterfront we go. And what do I find? A lighthouse of course. We’re seeing a lot of lighthouses all over the place, some of them not even close to the water!

As we’re roaming around I notice an attraction on a local tourist map. It’s amazing! So amazing it has it’s own website along with other things to see in Ontario

You can see the tower from several roads in the area but as we tried to navigate to the tower we managed to miss the turn, where there was a very small sign, and had to loop around a couple of times and just wing it to get to the bottom of the tower. There was a nice museum there, which like so many things this time of year was closed but the tower was accessible, so up we went.

High up on a hill…
How many more flights are there?

The view from the top was pretty spectacular.

Downtown Perry Sound looking towards the Sound

After leaving Perry Sound its a steady drive to Orillia to visit my cousin Linda and her husband Bob. We are greeted warmly on our arrival and spend a wonderful afternoon catching up and learning more about their life in Orillia.

Strangely, I didn’t take any pictures at Bob & Linda’s. No worries, they will show up on a later day.

After we leave Bob & Linda we tour around downtown Orillia, again no pictures, and then head on to Toronto where we’ll be staying for about a week with my cousin Leslie. Yes! No more hotel hauling for a few days! The drive is uneventful except for getting reacquainted with freeway driving on the 401. Yikes! A lot of cars, and a lot of lanes but the GPS keeps us on track plus I’ve driven here several times over the years on business trips.

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