IceBike 2015

I rode the IceBike today, probably my 10th or more, I’ve lost track, but I’ve got quite a few T-shirts from the events at home.

Ready to go and it's only -20°C

Ready to go and it’s only -20°C

For me, this year was one of the worst. Within the first couple of minutes I had a mechanical issue with chain suck that had me stopped and off the bike for 2-3 minutes. After that I probably went out too hard trying to make up time. The bulk of the course was flat (well this is Winnipeg) and on well shovelled  paths of on the river trail. That made the bulk of the course quite fast, which was nice.

IceBike 2015 Abominable

IceBike 2015 Abominable

However, at the far end of the loop there was a fairly big single track section which was very challenging to ride. A small center track was hard packed and on each side, deep loose snow. If you slipped off the straight and narrow, your were in the rough, and for that meant off the bike.  I’d say on the 1st lap I was able to ride 50% of this section, the 2nd lap 25%, and on the 3rd lap I walked or jogged the entire thing.  This was the first IceBike where I had not been able to ride the full course. Even the last downhill onto the river gave me trouble and I should have been able to handle that section.

Passed quite a few phat bikes and after riding one a few weeks ago, I know why. Those thinks are a bear to ride fast with the fat tires and low pressure. The cross and road bikes ruled the day as the bulk of the course was built for speed. Not even very much ice!

Crossing the finish line at IceBike 2015

Crossing the finish line at IceBike 2015

Having pre & post race activities at Muddy Waters Smokehouse was excellent! I really enjoyed siting at a table and having a cool one with Smothered Poutine covered in pulled pork and chili while they announced the race winners and gave our door prizes.

Update: the results are in. 16 (72:08) out of 24. Achieved my goal, to have a good time, finish, and not be last. Winning time was 53:31, so I’ve got lots of room for improvement.

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