Why you shouldn’t hang around railroad tracks

It’s a nice sunny day and I’m out taking pictures with a friend. We’re in a very picturesque area that just happens to have a railway bridge over a river. This seems like a great subject for some interesting photographs. The bridge and track are up high so we scramble up the steep side of the railroad bed and get in position to take a few shots.

What may not be apparent from the photo on the left is that in the distance, there is a curve in the track, and you really can’s see anything coming. We’re getting serious about getting some great shots, there are tripods in play and we’re right into the bridge structure. We’re concentrating, and perhaps not paying too much attention to our situation and the potential pitfalls of our activities.

And then it happens, we hear a faint rumbling, and look up to see a locomotive coming quite quickly down the track. No warning whistle, why would there be, this is not a railroad crossing, and we’re not supposed to be there.

We scramble to pick up our camera bags, tripods etc. and hustle to get off the track. Moments later this freight train barrels past us and the engineer shoots us a less that friendly look.

Moral of the story, be aware of your location and don’t get overly involved in your pursuits. Either that or stay away from railroad tracks!

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