Kuota Karma

For me, the cycling season has officially begun. Last Saturday was the first official FOG club ride of the 2011 season. A crew of about 16 showed up for the 10am departure. the standard course was modified to bypass River Road to avoid the flood activities any yielded a distance of 70.42km for those who did the extra lap of Birds Hill Park. At a time of 2:14:49,  average speed of 31.34 km/hr, average cadence of 86 and a top speed of 42.17 km/hr. It was a good first ride. According to the heart rate monitor an average rate of 153 bpm and a max of 192 burned off some 2,218 calories.

The rest of the week was cycle commuting to work for 5 straight days at about 20km per day. Monday was fairly warm in the morning at +5C, but Tuesday fell to -8C and I went with a light glove for some reason and just about froze my hands off. The rest of the week was cooler that seasonal, but dry, except for Friday evening when the snow came back!

To mark the start of the season, I’ve noted the odometer on both the bikes. The Kuota has 5,027 km after 2 years of riding and the 2000 Specialized Rock Hopper Pro, with a new frame this year, has 14,823 km. Both road and mountain bikes are missing some mileage. I rode Scott’s Guru for a couple of years before getting the Kuota, and the Rock Hopper has had periods of broken cycling computers and not to mention the couple of months I rode Eric’s Trek while the frame was getting investigated.

Looking forward to some good mileage in 2011, happy cycling!

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