Crash Blackout

After getting home from the ride this morning, I noticed something unusual on my jersey. If you look carefully at the lower right, those of you who are cyclists will most likely recognize the imprint of a chain ring. Now, it’s not totally unheard of to get a “chain ring tattoo” on you calf with a little careless bike handling, but up on the torso area. Clearly, this is a sign of a crash.

The ride today was the full route at 96.74km, but a little quicker that last weeks ride at an average speed of 32.55 km/hr thanks to some favorable winds and some guys really pulling the group along hard for big stretches of the ride.

Anyway, about the crash, no I didn’t crash and blackout forgetting how that ring imprint got there. But, while I was lifting the bike to put it on the rack in the garage, it must have got a little too close the the bike.

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