The Ride Report

My Stats

Distance 97.05 km
Average speed 32.06 km/hr
Max Speed 57.0 km/hr
Ride Time 3:00:27

Today’s ride was my best of the season so far! It was a cool start at 6°C but warmed up to 16°C over the course of the ride. I did well in the sprint into Selkirk and over the “Big Bridge”. After re-grouping I rode with 7 other guys in the “fast” group and we worked well together keeping a pace in the 40-45km/h range until we caught up to the main group. It was a slow pace over to Hwy 206 where I found myself at the front and then suddenly alone as the group had dropped back. On 206 I’m usually starting to fade and typically get dropped going up the two small hills.

But today, today was different. I still felt strong and again found myself at the front as we approached the hills. I kept a steady 35 up both hills and was just waiting for somebody to try and pass as I was ready to really jump on the petals and give them a run for it but nobody came! At the top, I dropped right & back to let somebody else take the lead and then there was a sprint for the Park gate on the flat. I was trapped in the shoulder side with everyone coming by on my left. Once I got a break it was time to hammer down and I caught all but a coupe of guys before the gate.

After a half lap of the park it was the long downhill to Hwy 59. We’re in the line and my buddy says “let’s go” so we both pull out and are flying down to the overpass. I suspect this is where I hit the 57km/h. The two others eased off, but I kept up a solid 40 up to the top of the overpass before taking a breather. Even going up 59 where I’m usually shot, I was still feeling good and riding well. As we turn back onto Henderson Hwy, one of the guys says “I’m just going to spin back”, I said “Did he say spin back or sprint back” and my riding buddy and I leave the group behind as we sprint back to the parking lot.

A great day and a good ride.

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