The Ride Report

FOG Riders
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My Stats

Distance 107.32 km
Average speed 30.05 km/hr
Max Speed 49.8 km/hr
Ride Time 3:20:12

Today’s ride was a little longer that typical due to taking the Cooks Creek route option. The weather was very fine with temperatures in the mid-20s and a clear sky for the ride as you can see from the picture that I took during the ride. The photo was a little tricky, but now I have my own photo’s of the group.

It was a very large group today and at times quite unruly with people riding 4 across, some cutting into the line, and a near bump on River Road, but nothing compared to what happened at the end.

We’re just coming up Henderson Hwy approaching the Legion, just a few minutes from finishing the ride, and two riders go down right in front of me. I manage to brake without getting rear-ended and put off onto the grassy shoulder and avoid getting tangled up in the crash. Wow, do these things happen fast!

From what the riders involved said, the first rider to go down had his front wheel bumped by the rider in front of him as he moved over a bit. This started a nasty wobble for the first rider to go down that he couldn’t recover from, and the second person was just unable to get out of the way. It may be a little harsh, but this was a self-inflicted crash, as the first rider to go down must have been overlapping wheels with the rider ahead. I’ve been cautioned on this before and now I’m quite careful to avoid overlapping for just this reason. Perhaps in a race, or the Tour de France the pro’s will ride in this position, but on a group ride of amatures, it’s a receipe for trouble. Well, both riders seemed physically OK, but bike damage my be another story. Being that close to a crash gave me a new respect for the issues of riding in a group in a tight formation.

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