After the 2nd shot

While the whole Covide-19 pandemic crisis is certainly historic I really got a better sense of this when I was getting vaccinated.

Filing into the RBC convention centre with hundreds or perhaps even thousands of other people and watching the co-ordination and effort going into the vaccine process really drove home the magnitude of the global impact that Covide-19 is having. To think that this whole process is happening continuously around the world is quite amazing.

As time goes on there is more and more controversy surrounding the vaccines and the associated mandates that are coming into place. I’m happy to get vaccinated and satisfied with the science behind it. Is it perfect? Probably not. Long term risks? Possibly. Life is full of imperfect choices that we make every day with whatever information we have. Life itself is not perfectly safe, there will be trouble. There are no guarantees beyond the present moment. Memento Mori

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