First of the indoor rides in 2015

While it was -1°C this morning and 3 dedicated FOG brothers made the traditional Saturday ride, I opted for the warmth of the basement and Kickr trainer with Trainerroad. I’ve selected the Trainer Road Sweet Spot Base – Low Volume II to kick off the winter indoor training regime.

First up on the plan is the 8 Minute test to determine my current FTP.

After a pretty laid back summer of riding I knew that my FTP was going to drop from the last test and sure enough all the way from 308 down to 284. Due to an injury there was no bike riding for over a month and many weekends at the lake had company or family so it just didn’t seem appropriate to bail on a Saturday morning for 4 hour of  Underground Gran Fondo Kenora.

Hoping to stick with the plan and get in shape for the Tour of Sufferlandria (23 January to 1 February) and the 8 Days in California (May 15-22)  which sadly I was unable to ride in 2015. the 8 Days event corresponds with the pros riding the Tour of California, outside, with much nicer scenery.


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