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Sometime during the night this tree came down on the truck. Not exactly a great thing to wake up to, but the damage is minimal and the door still works fine and no glass was broken so I’d say we got off easy.

After a few cups of coffee for fortification I’d planned on tackling the removal project. Before I could even get out of the door, one of the neighbors roared up on his quad and offered to help, very nice. Apparently, my truck is currently causing quite a bit of excitement on the road. As I go out to start limbing the tree, three other guys are at the bottom of the driveway discussing my “situation”. Of course they all had to come up and have a closer look. It sounds like we’re the only one with a big tree down this time around but one of the guys recounts how a tree wacked the corner of his cottage causing significant roof damage.

Anyway, after a couple of hours it’s all cleaned up and I’m soaked to the skin because it’s been raining steadily. A hot shower is in order and Shirley has brunch ready to go when I come back in.

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