A nice Saturday morning in May at the Lake

That’s right, at about 6am, it’s snowing. We arrived last night and had the water on in about an hour with no major complications. It seems that the cottage of an age where there are more little things starting to show their age. For example, the upstairs sink tap won’t shut off fully. It seems that the internal springs and/or the rubber o-rings that shut the flow off just aren’t what they used to be.

Another new little mystery is the furnace. After running for varous amounts of time, several hours last night, and only several minutes this morning, the circuit breaker trips. Not right away when you flip it on which would indicate some sort of short or issue with the fan motor perhaps, but some time later. I’m thinking the breaker is just getting old and tired. We’ll replace it later today and see.

The shingles were on the driveway for replacing the 26+ year old roof, next weekend. I hope everyone has warmed up their muscles. Carrying 50 bundles up the ladder should be an excellent workout

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