Fairy Princesses

Queen of the Fairy Princesses

Fairy Princesses #1

About a week ago, I went out to the Conservatory to take some pictures of the flowers with Scott and Shirley. When we arrived there was a lot more that flowers going on. There was a bride pulling up in a limo, to get married with a very emotional dad. This turned out to be just one of three weddings that we saw in our short visit.

But the best of all were these young ladies that I’ve dubbed Fairy Princesses. There were all dressed up in very fine attire and being quite attentive to the Queen of the Fairy Princesses, who was reading them a story and later singing and helping them with some craft work. It was quite a sight and never having had young daughters (yet) it was quite fascinating and heart warming to see them all having such a good time at what appeared to be somebodies very special birthday party.

We did get around to taking some photos of the flowers and Scott Orchid shot is excellent. Later we enjoyed a late lunch together at had a great afternoon.

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