Rocky and Bullwinkle

But there was no Bullwinkle, just Rocky.

We’re watching the CBC National news on TV and there is a clatter in the cottage. We think there is something on the deck, but no, it’s in the house, and it’s a squirrel. He’s trying to get at the chocolate cake and in the process he’s knocked the knives off the breadbox. After chasing him up and down the house a couple of times either trying to guide him out the front patio door or snag him in a blanket he suddenly runs up the kitchen window screen and disappears behind the valance and he’s gone! It turns out there is a hole in the screen!

Earlier this morning we noticed that some fruit, a pear and a banana, had been nibbled on, and both Gord and Shirley had heard some “noises” in the night. We thought it was mice and set the traps, but it seems like the culprit was something a little larger.

Tomorrow’s task – fix the screen.

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