Morning Kayak Paddle

This morning after doing a little reading at the dock while enjoying a light breakfast, I paddled over to Hay Island to investigate the shoreline and see what’s happening on this part of the lake. Yesterday, on our walk to the point, Shirley and I discovered that there had been some activity with the power line and a new submarine power cable had been layed out from out point. Well, it turns out that the destination is this area on Hay Island. As I went down the west shore I notices a short 3′ metal pole near the waterline which is typical for an electrical cable coming ashore. A closer look shows new cable similar to the one laid off our point and it loops from location to location on this part of Hay Island, where there are lots for sale. The weather was good with a light breeze. At the start it was overcast but clear off on the way back for a nice sunny paddle, a total of 7.7km for the trip.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day working on the kayak rack. This amy involve a trip to town for supplies/parts so we’ll see how much gets done today. After all, there is always tomorrow.

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