Kayaking at the cottage

I’m just back from the first paddle in the Orca kayak that I rented from MEC for the weekend. There was a moderate breeze so I had a little of everything on the 7.8km paddle. And this was just around our bay!

It’s very rhythmic and smooth paddling in the kayak and you’re low to the water so the wind and waves are a minor concern compared to solo canoe paddling.

The kayak setup was pretty good for a rental, but the foot pegs for the rudder control needed to be placed a little further forward. I found my legs were wedged a little too tight with the controls set for the maximum distance and my feet on the pegs. My legs were on the verge of cramping at points. This was probably due in part to the extra “tension” of getting used to being in a kayak again, it’s been a long time.

For most of the trip I had bare feet, but at one point I thought I’d put my Crocs (actually cheaper MEC knockoffs) back on. This proved to be a little exciting and I almost dumped the boat in the process just off the tip of our point with a bot full of fishermen watching. Not very cool, but I kept it upright.

I think later this afternoon it will be another outing over to Longbow lake. Right now, I think I’ll be replacing the front dérailleur on my mountain bike. I tried to take it into Gords to get fixed (I was being lazy, because I can do this work myself) but they were booked up until next Wednesday. So, once again MEC to the rescue with a XT FD-M761 and my drive train should be smooth and quiet once again.

Hmmm, I wonder how the FOG (new web site!) ride was this morning? Oh well, next Saturday I’ll be back riding with the group.

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