WordPress Beta testing

Not too much on the bleading edge but I jumped the gun and updated this site to WP 5 RC3 and I’m also posting from the iOS WordPress 11.4 beta app.

So far nothing has fallen apart and the new iOS app handles media uploads into the RC3 Gutenberg format better that the old app.

Gutenberg – Taking the plunge

A lot of controversy about WordPress 5.0 going to the Gutenberg editor and the block concept, but I’ve taken the plunge and installed the editor on both my blogs in a current but pre-5.0 version of WordPress. So far, so good and I’ve really not had any problems and I kind of like the block concept. Seems like we’re going there anyway so best to ride the horse in the direction it’s running.

Updating to WordPress 3.3

So I updated my Blog site to WordPress 3.3.  I used the “automatic” approach and of course ignored all the things you are supposed to do like backing up your database, disabling all plugins etc. etc., and things didn’t go so good.

The updated didn’t complete properly. It ended in showing a blank screen shortly after initiating the update. In fact after that, the whole blog was “gone”, no errors in the browser, just a blank screen. Turns out the update process caused a crash of a lot of stuff on my hosting provider’s site, and he was not too thrilled about that. 

Plan B, do a manual update, still no success, and I still can’t login to the wp-admin page. A little Googling and we decide to disable the plugins manually, and apparently, that was the money to get the site back up. So, right now I’m updating all the plugins, enabling one at a time, and hoping nothing crashes out again.

Ever since the automatic update feature was introduced in WordPress all my updates have gone flawlessly, and I guess I was lulled into a false sense of security. Lesson learned, follow the process, back everything up, and give my hosting guy a heads up that “something” might happen.

From the Updating WordPress « WordPress Codex

Consider rewarding yourself with a blog post about the update, reading that book or article you’ve been putting off, or simply sitting back for a few moments and letting the world pass you by.

A little site maintenance

I’ve just upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5 and all seems to have gone well, whic is a good thing since I’m going to bed now and really didn’t want to have to stay up to sort things out. I’ve had enough issues with upgrading PC software lately.