Weekend with Grandkids

We had Easton and Clark for the weekend, which was a lot of fun. Part of the weekend was a “guys” trip to Fort Whyte Alive for some outdoor activities on a very warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.

I was interested in the geese, but the boys were way more interested in the ice, water puddles and sticks.

Trying to break through
Trying to break through the ice
Always need to have a stick when you’re out on a walk.

The geese were quite accommodating to a photo or two and allowed some quite close approaches before flying off all the while honking loudly at this guy who was disturbing them.

Take Off eh?
The Canada Geese are back in town.

Christmas 2018

I had a fabulous Christmas with family and friends! An awesome Christmas Eve church service, a long standing Christmas Eve party with friends and a very special Christmas Day with family. 

Here is a little video of the Christmas Day highlights.

Christmas 2018 Highlights

Christ came to be our peace

Extracted from a devotional I’m reading.

Yet Christ came to be our peace. Everything—our hopes, worries, fears, doubts, dreams—are met by him and found in him. He can put our worries to rest and surround us with an everlasting peace that calms the raging storm in our lives.

Let’s set aside quiet time with our family and more importantly ourselves to reflect on God’s promises and let his peace wash over us. Through the good and bad, through times of laughter and tears, Christ came to be our peace.

An encouraging reminder.

 From @YouVersion plan 'The King Is Coming'.

Fun Weekend with Family

Wonderful weekend with family at the lake.

We arrived on Friday evening for a 10 day stay and after unloading we spend some time with Gail & Gord as they are finishing up their month stay. Eric, Parker & Dane arrive late at close to midnight and get settled in for the weekend.

In the morning Parker & Dane meet Bentley & Zoe (schnauzer dogs) and there is a lot of excitement, a few tears and lots of barking. After breakfast Gail & Gord pack up and begin the drive back to Saskatoon.


So much happiness and joy especially for me. So special to see the Grandkids taking in the lake life and having so much fun and adventure. We seemed to do it all hiking, biking, swimming, playing games, building Snap Circuits and Geocaching. Strong warm winds make the lake a little rough so no boating but other than that we squeezed in a lot of action. The weather was fabulous with sun and almost 30°C! Seemed like a July weekend not mid September!

Searcing for a geocache on the Storm Bay road

Checking out the new ladder on the tree fort.

The Stewart Boys


This morning I’m serving at my church,Springschurch, by doing the TV audio. It’s an early start at 7am and we’ll be finished 3rd service around 2pm. 
This is my position with the sound board and TV monitors in a room up behind the stage. 

It’s just me and the equipment. As I’m mixing the band and vocalist I can hear my son Scott quietly on the intercom calling camera shots as he directs the camera operators to present the service on the big screens in the sanctuary and record for later TV broadcast use. 
It’s hard to explain my emotions and feelings as I hear Scott’s voice. I’m so proud of him. Thankful and full of joy for the wonderful man he has become. A great son, husband and father. 
It’s very special to be serving together at a great church that is doing great things for God. 

Transistor Radio

I was looking for some electrical parts in the shop the other day and re-dicovered this in the bottom of a box.


One of my 1st electronic toys
One of my 1st electronic toys

When I was about 10 years old my parents went on a trip without Gail & I. We stayed with our grandparents Amma & Grandad for several days. I think is was a Great-West Life convention in the U.S. and perhaps a side trip as well, the details are a little foggy now. Anyway there was a tradition in our family that if my Dad went on a trip, we’d get some sort of a gift on his return and this trip was no exception.

Upon their return they came over to my Grandparents house on Oak St. to pick us up. After some hugs and kisses and some chatter about the trip they presented a radio just like this one to my Grandparents. I was totally fascinated with this! We’d never seen such a small portable radio. I really wanted one, bad. Mom & Dad kind of ignored that and carried on talking about who knows what, and I was getting a little disappointed. Actually, more that disappointed.

And then the big surprise!  I got the same radio! And Gail got one too, with a white case. I was ecstatic.  That radio didn’t leave my hands for quite some time.

I remember having it in bed after I was supposed to be asleep under the covers listening to Foster Hewitt and Hockey Night in Canada because it came with an earbud, super cutting edge back in the day.

BTW, it still works!