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Things about my personal faith in Jesus Christ

Up Early

I’m awake in the early hours. Thoughts of all kinds are zooming around in my mind. After a while I get out of bed. It’s 5:00 am.

After the usual morning routine I settle in with a coffee to read the Bible. Today is a bit of a big day for me, it’s day 365.

Today is the day I’ve completed reading the entire Bible for the first time. Certainly being retired has helped with setting aside the time and I know I should have done this a long time ago, but here I am. I’d say the daily reading habit is now firmly entrenched.

On occasion I’d miss a day or two, but always managed to catch up in short order and get back on track. The YouVersion app has been a really big help. Some parts of the Bible were tough slogging (might have skimmed through parts of Numbers and Lamentations) and with other parts I found myself looking forward to the next day to find out what happens next! (Job, Daniel, Revelations).

So now what? What will I read now? Well, it’s Advent and focusing on the coming of Jesus into the world seems quite appropriate. I actually miss the Advent traditions from my days in the Anglican church, so this will be good.

I scan a few reading plans and pick up on two that seem good for me. I’m sure one or both of these will stick.

The first one is this.

I’m reading the @YouVersion plan ‘The King Is Coming’. Check it out here:

The other is this one.

I just finished day 1 of the @YouVersion plan ‘One On One: 100 Days With Jesus–ADVENT’. Check it out here:

Now I’ve read John 1 before, several times in fact, but it’s never impacted me like it did today. So beautiful, powerful, profound and more, beyond words

Word for today

The end of the last verse of Psalm 142, “for You are good to me.” just rang so true for me today.

Really caused me to stop and re-read it several times and reflect on God’s goodness and mercy towards me, especially over the last 10 months. So thankful.


This morning I’m serving at my church,Springschurch, by doing the TV audio. It’s an early start at 7am and we’ll be finished 3rd service around 2pm. 
This is my position with the sound board and TV monitors in a room up behind the stage. 

It’s just me and the equipment. As I’m mixing the band and vocalist I can hear my son Scott quietly on the intercom calling camera shots as he directs the camera operators to present the service on the big screens in the sanctuary and record for later TV broadcast use. 
It’s hard to explain my emotions and feelings as I hear Scott’s voice. I’m so proud of him. Thankful and full of joy for the wonderful man he has become. A great son, husband and father. 
It’s very special to be serving together at a great church that is doing great things for God. 


So I have a new favorite music source. Our TV package has a steaming music service, Stingray music. It also has a mobile app to allow streaming to my iPhone. Couple that with Bluetooth streaming to the car stereo and it’s pretty sweet.

Yesterday I’m listening to my favorite channel Classic 80s Rock while running some errands. Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven comes on, great song. Then, the very next song was AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.


The path is narrow, a stairway vs a highway .  (Mt  7:13)

Christmas Eve

Best Christmas present ever was having our entire family, extended family and church family together in the Christmas Eve service. Having your children and grandchildren together at church, worshiping, keeping the young ones engaged, and just reflecting on the family  is the best gift ever. So proud of them all.

Sidewalk Evangelism

On my daily cycle commute I travel along a paved path that runs along side Niakwa Park, I nice little area in Winnipeg where I grew up. One day last week I noticed somebody had written something on the asphalt in coloured chalk. Nicely written with good handwritting and there were two sections separated by about 50′. The sections were organized to that you could read one or the other easily depending on which direction you were traveling.

The writing was organized in short phrases a few feet apart, so that you could read a phrase and think about it briefly before reading the next phrase, sort of like the Burma-Shave roadside sign advertising campaign.

Don’t take

 a curve  

at 60 per.

We hate to lose

a customer


And indeed the chalk writer was “advertising” something.

The first day I flew by the chalk writing and really couldn’t make out what was going on. On day two, my curiosity took over and I looped back for a read of the message. I was intrigued, and impressed by the ingenuity and the message at least until I got to the punch line which totally dampened my enthusiasm.

A few days later I noticed the chalk messages had been enhanced by another writer, somebody with a different colour of chalk, and a better punch line.























Chalk - last

Has me thinking…

Thanks to Bill over at and his post on two shirts I end up reading…

A Life of Gifts | Pastoralia

I remember exactly when I first realized our fun little experiment had swerved completely out of my control: it was the day I learned someone had given away a grandmother.

which leads to reading….

About |

Our Vision

Twoshirts is a community of gift-giving where people freely give and receive all kinds of different things in our items listings, from appliances, to clothing, to help and services.

Twoshirts members have given away over 1000 items to each other since we started in January, 2008. We simply think generosity is a better way to live.

In fact, our vision is to connect the world in relationships of generosity.

which has me thinking about stuff, all the stuff we’ve accumulated and really don’t need and really can’t even figure out where to put the stuff half the time. I remember a time when Acts 2:44-45 had a big impact on me. Perhaps it’s time to do more and “give to each other”.