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Stoicism and Anger


Some how I got interested in stoicism, perhaps just a little bit as its not making too much sense just yet. Anyway, I’m subscribed to the Daily Stoic emails and today’s email and my corresponding discovery is that when your angry, perhaps it’s best not to read this s***. 

This is something we have to remember when we get overwhelmed or puffed up. That none of this is new. All of this is running according to a tired script as old as time. Don’t let it go to your head. Don’t let it get to you. You’re just an actor playing a role. And soon enough they’ll be producing a remake of it and you won’t even be around to be in it.

This really didn’t inspire me at all.  A little depressing actually. 

Winter biking

I’ve been year round cycle commuting for 5 years now and of course the winter season is the most challenging. Studded snow tires certainly help, but this year I rode a fat bike for a few days, What a game changer. Seriously considering adding a new bike to the stable.

Specialized Fatboy
My rental ride for a few days. I’m hooked.

Christmas 2016

We had a great day with the family starting with Brunch and culminating with the traditional turkey dinner. Lots of action with Parker & Easton (4) and Clark & Dane (2), they really bring something special to the day.


Took a Mother’s Day road trip to Narcisse to see the snakes, us and hundreds of other folks!  The parking lot was jammed and people were parking on both elides of the highway for at least 1/4km in each direction from the enterance. 

It was a pleasant walk around the area between the various snake dens. Lots of kids seeing how many snakes they could catch at one time. This guy was one of my favourite shots.

I thing next year we’ll plan to take the Grandkids. I’m sure they would have a blast running around and playing with the snakes!

A few more photos over on Flickr


Spending the day walking The Strip in Las Vegas on the Saturday before the Information on Demand conference. Flights down were good and a $30 taxi ride from the airport to the Mandalay Bay, which looks like walking distance from the airport and I’m here. Room is great and after picking up my registration materials it’s out to explore the town on foot. Actually, I think I’ll