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Feeding Time

I’m up early and on the dock with two cups of coffee and it’s a sunny clear morning with a light south west breeze. After some reading and just sitting enjoying the view I’ve decided to take the kayak and get a closer look at the 7am feeding.

Most days during the summer a small aluminum boat comes out of Smith’s Camp at the end of our bay at around 7am. One of the staff is responsible for disposing of the fish remains from the filleting shack from the previous day’s catch. They have a plastic garbage pail on board that is dumped on an rock out cropping around the corner from the camp.

Prior to this at about 6:30am a flock of pelicans congregate at this spot awaiting their breakfast delivery. They are joined by dozens of seagulls that circle overhead in anticipation. Bald eagles are also perched high in the trees awaiting this event. Today I spot 5-6 of them. Some are easily spotted, others are tucked away in the branches and others fly back and forth along the shore line.

All of a sudden all the pecans take off and fly around the corner to Smith’s. Sitting in my kayak I can bairly hear the faint sound of the outboard motor of the “delivery” boat. Sure enough, a few moments later the boat rounds the corner and comes into view with all the pelicans following in formation.

As the staffer pulls ashore and dumps out the fish guts the pelicans eagerly land and then edge ever closer to their breakfast. They can hardly wait until the staffer gets back in the boat and backs away before they attack the fish remains.

Today, the eagles remain in the trees for some reason, perhaps it’s because I’m there. On other days I’ve seen them swoop in and the pelicans and seagulls scatter as they take over at the top of the pecking order.

After watching for a while it’s time to paddle back and rejoin the family for breakfast.

Rainy Day

A rainy day at the lake is still a great day.

I woke up to the sound of gentle rain and a light breeze rustling through the trees. It had been calm all night and as I drifted in and out of a dreamy sleep, I drank in the nature sounds.

Shortly, there was thunder in the distance and then closer as the wind picked up and a small storm rolled through our location. I went upstairs to check on the windows and then just sat watching the raindrops on the patio door form rivulets running down to the deck.

Time for that 1st cup of coffee and more gazing out at the magnificents of creation. It seemed like I was trying to lock it all into my memory, to preserve the feeling for as long as possible.

After a breakfast of corned beef hash with poached eggs on top, it was time to get busy with a small maintenance project.

So thankful to have this place to relax, rejuvenate and let the cares of life drift away for a time.

Frank Lloyd Wright Road Trip – Day 2

Day 2 has us leaving Minneapolis and the Interstates to slow down a bit drive a part of the Wisconsin Great River Road.  on our way to our 1st tour at the A.D. German Warehouse in Richland Centre, WI. 

As we arrive in Prescott, WI and the visitor centre for the Great River road I start to learn how to use the Osmo Mobile and take several pictures and video clips. Sadly, the Visitor Centre has switched to winter hours and won’t be open until 10am, and we decide not to hang around for an hour.

Lots of interesting sights, towns and we travel along side the Mississippi River including several locks like Lock & Dam #4 – Alma, WI.  More pictures and video with the Osmo Mobile and we move along. 

At Genoa we turn eastward onto Hwy 56 & then 14 and begin heading over to Richland Center. We arrive at about 4pm and even though this is not an official tour day I’ve made arrangements with   for a personal tour with Lon Arbergust. We attempt to call Lon but quickly discover there is no cell phone coverage where we are. Try to find a pay phone in this day and age, not so easy. We end up at the municipal offices and ask to use the phone. When we explain why they say, “No problem, I’ve got his phone number right here, let me call him for you.” Wow, nice service.  We find out later that Lon works for the municipality in the tourism area, an he just went home. He lives 2 blocks from the warehouse and we hook up about 10 minutes later.

 A.D. German Warehouse

Lon gives us a close to 2 hour personal tour with lots of interesting details about FLW, A.D. German and the history of the building including a well produced video presentation.

Day 2 photographs.

After the tour we head over to Spring Green, WI and locate the hotel and grab some dinner in preparation for tomorrow’s tour of Taliesin

Stoicism and Anger


Some how I got interested in stoicism, perhaps just a little bit as its not making too much sense just yet. Anyway, I’m subscribed to the Daily Stoic emails and today’s email and my corresponding discovery is that when your angry, perhaps it’s best not to read this s***. 

This is something we have to remember when we get overwhelmed or puffed up. That none of this is new. All of this is running according to a tired script as old as time. Don’t let it go to your head. Don’t let it get to you. You’re just an actor playing a role. And soon enough they’ll be producing a remake of it and you won’t even be around to be in it.

This really didn’t inspire me at all.  A little depressing actually. 

Winter biking

I’ve been year round cycle commuting for 5 years now and of course the winter season is the most challenging. Studded snow tires certainly help, but this year I rode a fat bike for a few days, What a game changer. Seriously considering adding a new bike to the stable.

Specialized Fatboy
My rental ride for a few days. I’m hooked.

Christmas 2016

We had a great day with the family starting with Brunch and culminating with the traditional turkey dinner. Lots of action with Parker & Easton (4) and Clark & Dane (2), they really bring something special to the day.