Frank Lloyd Wright Road Trip – Day 2

Day 2 has us leaving Minneapolis and the Interstates to slow down a bit drive a part of the Wisconsin Great River Road.  on our way to our 1st tour at the A.D. German Warehouse in Richland Centre, WI. 

As we arrive in Prescott, WI and the visitor centre for the Great River road I start to learn how to use the Osmo Mobile and take several pictures and video clips. Sadly, the Visitor Centre has switched to winter hours and won’t be open until 10am, and we decide not to hang around for an hour.

Lots of interesting sights, towns and we travel along side the Mississippi River including several locks like Lock & Dam #4 – Alma, WI.  More pictures and video with the Osmo Mobile and we move along. 

At Genoa we turn eastward onto Hwy 56 & then 14 and begin heading over to Richland Center. We arrive at about 4pm and even though this is not an official tour day I’ve made arrangements with   for a personal tour with Lon Arbergust. We attempt to call Lon but quickly discover there is no cell phone coverage where we are. Try to find a pay phone in this day and age, not so easy. We end up at the municipal offices and ask to use the phone. When we explain why they say, “No problem, I’ve got his phone number right here, let me call him for you.” Wow, nice service.  We find out later that Lon works for the municipality in the tourism area, an he just went home. He lives 2 blocks from the warehouse and we hook up about 10 minutes later.

 A.D. German Warehouse

Lon gives us a close to 2 hour personal tour with lots of interesting details about FLW, A.D. German and the history of the building including a well produced video presentation.

Day 2 photographs.

After the tour we head over to Spring Green, WI and locate the hotel and grab some dinner in preparation for tomorrow’s tour of Taliesin

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