Mass Murder or Jones Town Style Suicide?

Abandoned Monkeys #3
Originally uploaded by Big Dadoo

Today a grisly discovery was made by an outdoor enthusiast while hiking the popular Tunnel Island trails just outside Kenora, Ontario.

“I was just walking along side the tracks taking some photographs when something unusual caught my eye.” said the local summer resident. “At fist I thought it was just some sort of unusual fungi or something but when I looked closer I was horrified!”. “As I uncovered one then another and then another it was just too gruesome to believe.” The bodies of over fifteen monkey were exhumed from beside the CPR main line and there may be more discoveries in the days ahead as the investigation unfolds. More photographs of the crime scene have been posted here and here. The public is encouraged to call in with any information pertaining to this discovery.

Local officials are investigating and it’s not clear yet whether foul play was involved or this was some sort of a monkey cult mass suicide. Officials are warning everyone in the area to be on the look out for any signs of monkey business.

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