Make my day

Brought a little tear of joy & love when I received this message today.

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PJS, Coincidence?

My Uncle Stan was in town this weekend stopping of on his way to Calgary to visit his family. We got together with him for dinner at Carol’s and of course a major part of the conversation was about the birth of our Grandson Parker Judah Stewart.

As the evening progressed there was a lull in the conversation and out of the blue Uncle Stan says “Did you realize that Parker has the same initials as your mom?”

I had not thought of this and it was quite a surprise! What a special connection between Parker and his Great Ama, Phyllis Joyce Stewart.

She would have been so proud, happy and excited for Des, Eric & Parker. This little connection may not mean much to most, but for me I’ll forever more think of my mom every time I see Parker and know that one day they will meet, and that will be such an exciting time.


It was good to finally meet you in person the other day. I know it was kind of busy and you were meeting a lot of new people, but I feel that we really connected.

When we were close, and our eyes locked, I could feel that special bond starting to form. Your grip was strong, a confident handshake that will serve you well and take you many places in this life. Despite all the excitement, you were calm and collected, adapting like a pro to your new surroundings.

I look forward to getting to know you better over the coming years and strengthening our relationship. I’m sure we’ll have much to learn from each other.

With much love,
Your Granddad

P.s. Happy Birthday Parker Judah Stewart