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White Balance

I came across this PetaPixel article on using Plumber’s Tape as a Cheap Way to White Balance Photos. Sounded like a good idea so I gave it a try.

Here are my findings, you mileage may vary.

Three pictures all taken with the Canon 7D on a tripod with shutter release, same exposure & lighting.  The comparison would be the 7D’s auto white balance, the plumbers tape white balance corrected in Lightroom and using an expo disc to set the custom white balance in the 7D before taking the shot.

Canon 7D Auto White Balance (4,250)
Plumber’s tape on eraser, white balance corrected using eyedropper in Lightroom (5,650)
expodisc to set custom white balance in Canon 7D prior to shot. (3,400)

Plumber’s tape, too warm. expo disc too cold, 7D auto WB, just right. For my money, the 7D auto white balance nailed it. 

Family Photos

I’m spending some time quiet time at the lake catching up on some old emails, checking out some web sites and just in general goofing off. I took Friday & Monday off from work so we’ve made our own “long weekend”. The weather today (Friday) is warm, but overcast and drizzling on and off. There are no big projects on the horizon for the rest of the cottage season, except for the never-ending opportunity to paint or stain some part of the buildings, but none of that today as everything is wet.

For some time I’ve neglected my Flickr account but I recently noticed that my membership was automatically renewed so I guess I should really make better use of it.

One thing that came to my attention was that the newest Grandkids, Dane & Clark don’t have their own albums like the older guys Easton & Parker do. Time to fix that.

I’ve got a system within Lightroom with “smart” collection publishing from Lightroom to Flickr where the collection watches for photos that are flagged, and have the keywords containing “flickr” and one or more of the grandkids names. Now it’s just a mater of reviewing all my photos since about October 2014 (490 so far) and tagging the best of the best with the appropriate keywords. This is a bit of a work in progress and I can feel the couch calling my name for an afternoon nap right now. But, it’s started.

Here is Clark ( full album)

and here is Dane (full album)


Check back occasionally as the albums will get more and more content as I catch up on the backlog.

Why you shouldn’t hang around railroad tracks

It’s a nice sunny day and I’m out taking pictures with a friend. We’re in a very picturesque area that just happens to have a railway bridge over a river. This seems like a great subject for some interesting photographs. The bridge and track are up high so we scramble up the steep side of the railroad bed and get in position to take a few shots.

What may not be apparent from the photo on the left is that in the distance, there is a curve in the track, and you really can’s see anything coming. We’re getting serious about getting some great shots, there are tripods in play and we’re right into the bridge structure. We’re concentrating, and perhaps not paying too much attention to our situation and the potential pitfalls of our activities.

And then it happens, we hear a faint rumbling, and look up to see a locomotive coming quite quickly down the track. No warning whistle, why would there be, this is not a railroad crossing, and we’re not supposed to be there.

We scramble to pick up our camera bags, tripods etc. and hustle to get off the track. Moments later this freight train barrels past us and the engineer shoots us a less that friendly look.

Moral of the story, be aware of your location and don’t get overly involved in your pursuits. Either that or stay away from railroad tracks!