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Fish Finder ≠ Fish Catcher

Spent a nice couple of hours out on the lake today doing some fishing. It was sunny with a light west wind and a little cool at about 8°C. While I was picking up some minnows I received a tip about a spot in Moore Bay from a local guide that was producing yesterday, but for me today, nothing.

I then went to the other end of Moore Bay were I’d been with my brother inlaw and caught fish previously. This spot is the “Fall Spot” and is supposed to be very good around this time of year. Upon arrival, the fish finder lights up and is “beeping” so much I turn off the fish alarm. Below is a screenshot of the Garmin echoMap.

Lots of fish but no takers!

Well, they may have been on the finder, but refused to get on the end of my line! After about 45 minutes and several passes over multiple areas that claimed to have lots of fish, just one nibble and that might just have been my wishful thinking.  I gave up and boated back to the cottage empty handed, but still enjoyed my time out on the lake.

It started off so innocently

I invited the guys to the boat show. We saw some impressive water craft. Drooled over some ridiculously expensive fiberglass. Went out for wings and a beverage and talked about stuff.


And then, the next day, it started.

There were a few more discussions and then today we’re in a store looking around. Parker saw lots of cool stuff and had to get into, or on to most of them.

But we really knew what we were looking for and after some discussions about the colour we close a deal on one of these bad boys.

With a trailer and a few accessories. Now somebody is shopping for some more add on gear.

Going to be some fun times at the lake this summer.