Tempus Fugit

You may have noticed that Tempus Fugit, generally translated into English as “Time Flies” is the name I’ve given this blog. Wonder why?

Tempus Fugit, time flies

In the beginning… back in 2004/2005 when we were on a family camping trip I suddenly realized that the boys were growing up and it felt like they didn’t “need me” as much as they once did. This came as a bit of a rude shock as I realized how fast things were moving along in all our lives, hence Tempus Fugit.

The blog started off as a fun tech project to experience what WordPress and blogging were all about. Over the years I’ve randomly posted about things that interest me or various life events. My audience is pretty limited. I think only my wife reads these posts. So, in the end it’s really for me to capture some thoughts and have fun with the tech. But, perhaps it’s a bit more that that.

I know several people who have written memoirs about their life and I’ve never been to clear on why someone would do that. However, perhaps it is a form of leaving a legacy, something that might endure on this earth once we are gone. I think we all want to be able to tell our story, to be heard, to share what we are thinking about even if it’s not of an earth-shattering significance . I know I’ve often wondered how my parent handled certain situations or how they got through some of the rough spots in life and now they are not around to ask and there are very limited records. Some photographs, pieces of furniture, some hand written notes, bits and pieces from their lives and of course the cottage, all precious treasures at this stage in my life.

I know for me it’s fun to look back on the old blog post to see what I was doing or thinking about back in the day. Perhaps in the future others will look back on these random thoughts with fondness too.

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