The Prince of Peace on Christmas Day

From today’s devotion…

Peace is hard to find. Trouble tears apart our lives. Doubt delivers us to our fears. Worry warps our sense of reality. Before we know it we’re trapped in the chaos of day to day life and panic takes over. Yet Christ came to be our peace. Everything—our hopes, worries, fears, doubts, dreams—are met by him and found in him. He can put our worries to rest and surround us with an everlasting peace that calms the raging storm in our lives.

Christmas is a busy time of year and it’s easy to get caught up in all the chaos. This holiday season, let’s make time in our schedules to experience the peace that Christ brings. Let’s set aside quiet time with our family and more importantly ourselves to reflect on God’s promises and let his peace wash over us. Through the good and bad, through times of laughter and tears, Christ came to be our peace.

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