Looking Back

Since I’ve recently changed WordPress themes from DevotePress to Catch Responsive I’ve been doing a fair bit of updating and maintenance work. All this playing around with the blog got me to wondering, just when did I start this blog?

Well, the answer is March 24, 2005 with the posting of Grid for Good. Certainly nothing spectacular but a start. From there I reviewed 10-15 of the oldest posts and it was quite interesting to see what I was doing, and thinking about at a point in time.

However, there were some problems with the older posts. They were fine and worked at the time but now several of the links are broken due to internet content just “going away”. Also surprising, lots of really old links still work!

I also discovered some stuff that I’d forgotten. Things like the blogs I played with before settling on this self-hosted wordpress site. I’d totally forgotten about Tempus Fugit on Blogspot and for a while I was using Tempus Fugit on WordPress.com. surprise, they are both still there.

For photographs I started off on Picasa which morphed over to Google Photos and then finally settled on flickr.

Back in the day photos on the blog were almost always embedded from flickr. It seems the embed code has changed over the years and while the photos are no longer showing up, there is typically still a photo title link that will take you over to flickr to see the photo. I suppose I could go back and fix this, but that would be pretty time consuming so, not likely to happen. 😉

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