Somewhere along the line in my meditation journey I discovered encounter, “A daily podcast of sacred and mindful meditations to help you encounter the divine presence of God throughout your day.”

I usually end my devotional readings listening to the meditation of the day. These meditations are almost always synchronized to the “Verse of the Day” from the youversion app that I use for my devotional readings.

On Tuesday (2020/11/17), Romans 8:6 (NASB) was the verse of the day. “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace”. This particular translation has “the mind set on the flesh” and I has this thought. I know this isn’t totally accurate and for sure way to literal perhaps but I had the thought anyway and it helped me. My focusing or thinking about (“and set on”) the cancer, the tumour, the treatments etc. is “death” but if I set my mind on the Holy Spirit it is “life and peace“. This probably only makes sense to me but who knows. Anyway, for sure the meditation is worth a listen.

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