Geocaches for Grandkids

I’ve been a geocacher for a few years, since 2004, and been sporadically active over the years. Last year I introduced my Grandkids to geocaching and it was a pretty big success. A lot of it was probably due to the first cache we found which was loaded with toys! They could hardly believe they could find these things and then just take stuff. This was tempered a bit when I explained that you should also leave something and it was more about the hunting than the scoring some new trinkets.

During 2019 I got the idea to create a cache for each one of them. We launched The Parker and then kind of let things slide a bit. Earlier this year I pulled together the other three with the idea of hiding them with each of the Grandkids. Well, that wasn’t working out too well as on hot summer days when they were at the lake nobody really wanted to leave the dock to wander around in the bush.

So, I recently hid them myself and hopefully we can “find” each of them together with the grandkids in the near future.

The Geocaches

The corresponding Travel Bug trackables

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